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Pointing your domain to the platform
Pointing your domain to the platform

This is a step-by-step guide to pointing your domain to the platform.

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This is a step-by-step guide to pointing your domain to the platform.  

Preparing to point your domain name

Make sure you follow these steps before pointing your domain to our network.

  1. Confirm you have access to make DNS changes to your domain. If you are unsure you can make these changes contact your domain name provider directly. When communicating with your provider you can let them know you will be needing to add 2 DNS records to successfully point your domain to our platform: an “A” record for the top level domain ( eg. )and a “CNAME” record for the www subdomain (eg. ) NOTE: most major providers have an easy to access portal where you can make these changes. 

  2. Once you have confirmed access to make changes to your domain’s DNS settings, then please open a helpdesk ticket with our team to let them know your domain name and when you plan on pointing it to our platform. 

  3. Our team will confirm that your domain name(s) have been added to our platform and you can then proceed with next steps.

If you have not registered your domain name with us prior to proceeding you will experience downtime.

Pointing your domain to our platform

  1. Access your DNS settings for the domain you have registered with our team 

  2. Add the following values to your DNS 

hostname: @
type: A

hostname: www
type: CNAME

If you are having trouble with this step you can communicate with our team to help you out.

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