Changing your billing cycle

You can change your plan and cycle at any time. This guide covers changing your plan and your billing frequency.

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For our current pricing, visit our [pricing page].
For advice on picking a plan, visit [choosing the right billing plan].

Before you begin

  • Only site owner and contributors with Admin or Billing permissions can make or request these changes.

  • If your service is past due, update you billing credit card before requesting a change to your billing cycle.

Reviewing your current subscription

  • You can review your current subscriptions through our [Billing Portal]. Upon signup you received an invitation to set up your Billing Portal account in order to [manage your subscription].  We also link access to this portal in all dunning messages.  So anytime we have reached out to you regarding a past due account, you received a link to the Billing Portal.

  • If you can't locate access to the [Billing Portal] please submit an in-app request to our Account Services team and they will be happy to provide you a link.  

Change your billing cycle

  1. Your account must be in good standing in order for the Account Services team to process a billing cycle change request.

  2. From inside your application, request to speak to an Account Services representative with your request to change your billing cycle.

  3. You will be able to choose between monthly, every 6-months, annually, or bi-annually.  Or any current billing cycle offering available at the time of the request.

Refunds or charges

All billing cycle changes are set to change at the end of the current billing cycle.  For example, you are on a month-to-month billing cycle and request to switch to annual billing, on your next billing cycle date (renewal date) your plan will be switched and you will pay the annual billing rate on that renewal date.  This prevents any need to pro-rate payments or issue credits or refunds.

Change your billing date

If you want to change your subscription billing date please submit an in-app request to our Account Services team.  Your account must be in good standing prior to a billing date change request being granted.

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