Why did my renewal payment fail?

If you received an email or notification about your payment or credit card failing for a subscription renewal, follow this guide.

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Note: If there's an error when you try to purchase a new subscription, visit Why was my card declined at checkout?

Emails about failed payments

We'll send an email to your account email address when a payment fails for any of your subscriptions.  

Text messages about failed payments

We may send text messages to your number on file when a payment fails for any of your subscriptions.

In-app messages about failed payements

We may send you in-app messages when a payment fails for any of your subscriptions.

Why did the payment fail?

There are a few reasons why we couldn't authorize your renewal payment.

Your card expired

If your card’s expiration date passed before your subscription renewal date, the payment will fail. To fix this and submit the payment, update your billing credit card. Ensure the information is accurate. Updating your card prompts another payment attempt. If your card is valid, this payment will be approved.

Your bank account has insufficient funds

If you’re using a debit card to pay for sitwright.io, and your account balance was too low at the time of your renewal, the payment will fail. We'll keep trying over the next several days, so you can fix the issue by adding funds to the account as soon as you can.

Your bank prevented the charge for another reason

Other issues can occur with cards on file, even if you’ve used them to pay for subscriptions before. If your card hasn’t expired and your account has sufficient funds, contact your bank and ask for more information about the failed sitewrigtht.io charges. sitewright.io support personnel can’t help directly with declined charges.

If your renewal payment for your site failed

If we can’t process your renewal payment for your website, it’ll become “past due.” For more help if this happened, visit My site is past due.

Grace period

You’ll have 15 more days to renew your site. We’ll keep trying to charge the card, but if we’re still unable to process the payment after 15 days, the site will be deactivated.


I have a new card to use. How do I add it?

To add a new billing credit card, follow these steps. It's only possible to keep one credit card on file per account.

I updated my credit card. Did the payment go through?

After you update your billing credit card, we automatically charge it for past due payments. 

How long does the renewal payment cover?

Depending on the subscription, this payment will cover the next year or month. To see which applies to your subscription, visit Checking your sitewright.io subscriptions. To switch to a monthly or annual plan, update your billing credit card, then change your billing cycle.

I received a billing failure email, but I already cancelled my subscription

If you receive a billing failure email even though you cancelled a subscription previously, you may still have other active subscriptions on your account.

sitewright.io subscriptions are billed independently, which means that if you cancel a site subscription you may have multiple website subscriptions on your account, you’ll need to cancel each individually.

To learn how to find active subscriptions on your account, visit Checking your sitewright.io subscriptions.

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