There’s no disputing the fact that member testimonials are critical to a gym’s success. They build trust in the business and service, they establish credibility and trust, and they provide the social proof that people seek when they’re making an important decision like which gym to commit to.

This article includes:

  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing & Future Proofing Your Content

  2. How You Can Obtain Well-written Testimonials

  3. The Benefit of Asking Questions

  4. What Kinds of Questions to Ask

On this episode of Gymwright LIVE, Markus Gerzi and Jessica Depatie are going to break down why and how you can use testimonials to boost your marketing. Included is a full, ready-to-implement campaign, that will get you the best testimonials for you to use in all of your gym’s marketing.

[1:37] Word-of-Mouth Marketing & Future Proofing Your Content

While you can use a variety of marketing methods, nothing compares to word-of-mouth marketing as a way to grow your gym. Word-of-mouth marketing, however, is not a strategy. Rather, it is a litmus test. It is the proof that you're doing it right. 

If you have clients that have become your fans and are raving your gym to their friends and family, that is proof that you're succeeding. However, if you don't have this, something is not working. 

People today are more informed than ever. With almost limitless options to get fit, people are able to easily make decisions about where they would like to spend their time. Even more, people have a 6th sense: the ability to distinguish great business owners. While it might be hard to define, it's easy to know that potential new members care LESS about what you have to say about your business, and more about what others have to say about your business. 

If you had to choose one method of marketing, testimonials are a great route to take. We agree that just using one type of marketing is not ideal, however, testimonials are a way to showcase your business while allowing that voice to come from a member. 

With so many companies broadly advertising across platforms, we often feel like the internet is becoming crowded. People are starting to tune out traditional marketing. When you see blog posts and Facebook ads constantly, you start to tune it out. But there is one type of marketing we feel is future-proof: The Happy Customer.

[7:59] How can you obtain well-written testimonials

The worst way to obtain a testimonial, as many of us have experienced, is just for waiting for an email come through. It's hard to find testimonials without having to instigate, and with having to ask for one comes the fear of coming off as desperate. With that in mind, we've created a resource to help you overcome this wait-or-worry predicament. 

We've created a ready-to-use campaign that will allow you to collect meaningful testimonials using a Google Survey, but better yet, we also include "swipe files" - this is suggested copy to use to encourage your members to fill it out.

The process we've created to help you craft these testimonials is available on the Gymwright website here

You'll use these tools to gather information. You will gather their stories, their success and their wins. But, at the same time, we have included qualifying questions that allow people to candidly provide feedback and insight on how the member feels about your gym.

[10:34] The Benefit of Asking Questions

Many business owners make one grave mistake: they assume. In our recommended survey questions (found here), we recommend asking qualifying questions like, "What can we do better?" and "What made you decide that it would be a good decision to become a member?"

It's easy to assume that "because nothing's on fire, everything must be fine." By asking these types of questions, you can get a better understanding of what's going through your members' minds at this time, rather than assuming based on what you heard 6 months ago for example. Additionally, you get the benefit of being able to address the concerns early-on and proactively. 

By extracting these awesome testimonials and also receiving great feedback, you have the tools to build up your marketing and your gym culture.

If you gather information from your members, make sure you take action on it. Whether that is addressing a concern many people had, or just make sure everyone feels heard and acknowledged.

[14:15] What Kinds of Questions to Ask

Your members likely know a lot about you, and will likely be very excited to tell you a little bit about themselves. Knowing about who your members are is invaluable information for a business owner, knowing this allows you to cater better to your community. With their willingness to contribute in mind, we've designed this survey to allow you to gain perspective on the member while also receiving their thoughts.

The kinds of questions you ask can determine the type of testimonials you receive. The questions we recommend can help you get some great content. 

We've also created a template for writing the testimonials based on stories you collect. You can find these templates here. 

After you collect all these survey responses, you can use this template to create testimonials. The link above is view-only, so be share to save a copy in your Google Drive so you can edit the file and use the template. Additionally, be sure to expand the notes section in the Google Slides, which will help you see how the stories apply to the images for social media. This is essentially a done-for-you testimonial campaign.

Watch this part of the Gymwright live for a full explanation of how this template works. [16:17]


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