Checking your subscriptions

This guide shows how to check billing subscriptions connected to your account.

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Understanding independent billing subscriptions

All subscriptions are independent from each other. This means that changing or cancelling one service doesn’t automatically affect other subscriptions.

For example, if you have multiple sites on your account, changing the billing cycle of one won't apply to the others. If you want to take action on multiple site subscriptions, repeat steps to change or cancel a subscription for each additional site.

Check your site's billing plan and cycle

Each active site has its own billing subscription. Subscriptions are all set to auto renew monthly, every 6-months, annually, or bi-annually.

To check your current subscriptions and cycles you can need to log in to your [Billing Portal].

  • You can review your current subscriptions through our [Billing Portal]. Upon signup you received an invitation to set up your Billing Portal account in order to [manage your subscription]. We also link access to this portal in all dunning messages. So anytime we have reached out to you regarding a past due account, you received a link to the Billing Portal.

  • If you can't locate access to the [Billing Portal] please submit an in-app request to our Account Services team and they will be happy to provide you a link.

Once you login to your Billing Portal you will be able to see the following:

  • Subscriptions - all subscriptions associated with your account will be listed.

  • Subscription name - this will include your billing cycle (monthly, 6-months, annually, or bi-annually)

  • Subscription start date - this is when this subscription started.

  • Current balance - this is whether you have an outstanding balance on the subscription.

  • Next billing date - this is when your will next be charged.

  • Estimated next billing amount - this is an estimate as your account may change prior to the next renewal payment.

  • Billing details - this will include what card you have on file and the billing address associated with the card.

View your invoices

You can also view and print all your invoices/statements by clicking on the Statements tab adjacent to the Subscriptions tab.

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