A unique selling point defines your company's unique position in the marketplace, getting at the heart of your business: the value you offer and the problem you solve. A strong USP clearly articulates a specific benefit – one that other competitors don't offer – that makes you stand out.

This article includes:

  1. Fill in the blank USPs

  2. Rules to writing a great USP

  3. Examples

Your USP is the what you do, the why you do it, and the why someone will buy it from you.

Fill-in-the-Blank USP Examples

The Fill-in-the-Blanks USP is a way of forcing yourself to think very simply about your offer in a clear way. It is brilliant, pretty easy, and a must-do for every business owner.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks. If you can’t do this, then you are probably over complicating it. Settle down, clear your head, and think simple. Close your eyes, and picture what your best customer has told you about why they love to be a member of your gym.

Template #1

My name is __________________, I love _______________ but was fed up with _______________. So I created ______________ that _____________.

Template #2

_____Name of company_____________ is a ______expertise____________ for ______who you serve__________ who want to _______do what?________

Rules for writing a great USP

  • keep it to two sentences

  • describe what you have done, rather than what you will do

  • keep your product names out of the sentences

  • don’t overthink or overcomplicate

  • this is the beginning of a conversation, not an end. Make it intriguing in a conversational way

  • solve a problem for people

  • keep it simple and clear


At Example Strength & Fitness, we love convenient and effective HIIT programming, but we were fed up that there were no facilities in town that could provide both. So, we created Example Strength & Fitness, a gym that helps you achieve your strength goals through full-body exercise classes that fit anyone's schedule.

Example Strength & Fitness is a strength training facility in Atlanta, GA for experienced athletes who want to focus on body building or powerlifting without any distractions. We provide expert coaches and excellent training programs that are customized for each member individually.

Now fill in the blanks, and then say it out loud.

Does it flow? Does it sound different to your competitors? Does it roll off the tongue easily?

Remember, you are not only defining who you are, you are also giving your customers the phrases that they can say to their friends. Make it easy for them by painting a clear picture in their minds. Giving them to chance to grow your sales by Word of Mouth.

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