Uploading and editing content in the sitewright.io platform is a task that you can perform any time, as many times as you need to.  

⚠️Note: This document will refer to any staff as a "trainer", however you may use this content type for any type of staff member you wish to highlight.

This article includes:

  • How to View Trainers

  • How to Edit Existing Content

  • How to Upload Trainer Content

How to View Trainers

  1. Once you have logged into your website, navigate to the upper-left corner and click on "Manage"

  2. In the pop-out menu, click on "Content"

  3. In the page that loads next, you will see a list of content. You can filter this content by Trainer to view staff 

How to Edit Existing Content

  1. Once you see the trainer you would like to edit, click on their name. 

  2. In the next page, along the top, there is a navigation bar that will allow you to select "Edit" 

  3. Once you have made your desired changes, navigate to the Save button at the bottom of this page.

How to Upload Trainer content

  1. Navigate to the upper-left corner and click on "Manage"

  2. In the pop-out menu, hover over the "Content" button to view the sub-menu.

  3. Hover on "Add New" in this menu, and select "Trainer"

  4. The page that displays should feel simple to navigate. Most importantly, don't forget their name, image, and their title! We also recommend adding any certifications, relevant social media, and bio to introduce them to your future members visiting the site.

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