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How to Upload/Change your Logo
How to Upload/Change your Logo

This is a guide on how to easily add a logo to your website

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In this guide, you will learn how to upload/change your logo correctly on the platform.

  1. Once you have logged into your app, navigate to the menu and find Site Settings next to the gear icon.

  2. On the Site Settings page, find Logos in the Site Settings list and click on Create Setting if this is the first time you are adding your logo, or Edit if you simply want to change your logo.

  3. To upload your icon, or a smaller version of your logo that looks good on the Mobile menu, select Add media in the Logo Small box.

  4. To upload your full logo, the main logo that you use for branding, select Add media in the Logo Large box.

  5. Once you have made your selection, select Save at the bottom of the page.

Need help with your logo? Learn about our tips on logo best practices.

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