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How to Add a Location & Upload Facility Images
How to Add a Location & Upload Facility Images

You have a gym, and people want to know where it is. Learn how to add your location and show off your facility photos.

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Uploading and editing content in the platform is a task that you can perform any time, as many times as you need to.  

This article includes:

  1. How to Add a Location

  2. How to Edit Locations

  3. Examples of Facility Descriptions

How to Add a Location

  1. Once you have logged in, navigate to the upper-left corner and click on "Content" next to the page icon

  2. In the page that loads next, click on the blue button that reads "+ Add Content"

  3. From the list, select Location

  4. Add the Title (the name of your gym)

  5. Then, in the Geo Location section, use the search feature to find your Address

  6. Add any relevant Phone Numbers in the Facility Phone Number section

  7. In Facility Gallery, use this to upload Facility Images. This should include pictures of the outside and inside of your facility
    If you need help with taking photos, we have a great Photography Tips guide

  8. In the Description, describe your facility.
    At the bottom of this article, you can find an example of what to write.

  9. Once all the sections are filled out correctly, you can click "Save"

If you have two facilities, you can repeat the above process to create a second location.

How to Edit Locations

  1. Navigate back to the Content page

  2. Here, you will see a list of all content you have uploaded. Navigate to the Location by scrolling, or by searching in the Filter (see below)

  3. Once you have identified the content you would like to adjust, navigate across it's row to find "Edit". This will return you to a screen where you can make any needed adjustments

  4. Once you have made your desired changes, navigate to the Save button at the bottom of this page

Examples of Facility Descriptions

Example 1:

Come train at our spacious 6,000 sq ft facility located on Example Rd in Atlanta, GA. We’ve stocked our training grounds with all of the best functional fitness equipment you need to take your fitness to the next level.

Schedule a free training session, tour the gym, and meet our awesome team. We have some of the most qualified coaches in the area, some of which have competed at Olympic and national levels. We can't wait to meet you!

Example 2:

Example Health & Fitness, located in Central Atlanta, is a 3,000-square-foot facility and your workout home in the metro area. Our warm-ups are created to make sure athletes’ bodies are ready for that specific training day. Personal training athletes will receive a thought out assessment of cardio endurance, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and accuracy. This assessment helps us design a program that will give the athlete confidence to reach their fitness goals. We also offer a free performance program for those interested in the sport of CrossFit, and our class programming sticks true to CrossFit roots of constantly varied WODs without bias. There’s never a rush to leave—and you’ll love our social events like yoga at the park.

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