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Acuity Scheduling Integration
Acuity Scheduling Integration

Learn how to integrate your Acuity Scheduler into your application.

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Acuity Scheduling is online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7. provides you the ability to integrate Acuity Scheduling into your site so your workflow is always efficient.

To enable the Acuity Scheduling Block in your application follow these steps:

  1. Login to your application.

  2. Select Site Settings

  3. Select Integrations

  4. Check the box next to Enable Acuity Scheduling Integration

  5. Click Save

Now you are able to place the Acuity Scheduling Block on any page of your site.

  1. When adding a block into a Section on a page select +Add block

  2. Click +Add new block

  3. Select Integration - Acuity Scheduler to configure the block

  4. Give the block a Title

  5. Insert the Acuity Scheduler embed code into the configurationHere is an example of a schedule embed code:  

   6. Click Add Block
   7.  Click Save Layout

If you need assistance finding your Acuity Scheduler embed code you can visit their support center.

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