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I sold or am selling my business. What happens to my subscription?
I sold or am selling my business. What happens to my subscription?

This guide will explain the subscription process when you sell your business.

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From time to time we run into a situation where a business changes hands while a subscription is in place. Under no circumstances shall a business owner represent they are selling our services as part of the sale of their business. Our services are tied to the owner of the business, not the business. The following process must be followed to provide a seamless transition to the new owner if that is the plan.

This process applies to subscriptions and legacy Gymwright Platform subscriptions.

  1. If you are selling your business we must be notified at the earliest possible time.

  2. We need an introduction to the new owners so we can explain our services and set up services if they so choose.

  3. Your services with are immediately ended upon the transfer of business ownership.

  4. Upon request we will send you the contacts from your system and your blog export. (This applies to Gymwright Platform clients)

Our goal with this policy is to create a seamless transition of services if that is the desire of the new business owner.

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