HighLevel helps Agencies deliver software solutions to their clients. There are solutions in different verticals. A gym solution can be found at Gym Lead Machine.

sitewright.io provides you the ability to integrate lead capture forms from HighLevel/Gym Lead Machine so that your marketing automation workflows can work seamlessly with an advanced website solution.

To enable the HighLevel Block in your application follow these steps:

  1. Login to your sitewright.io application.

  2. Select Site Settings

  3. Select Integrations

  4. Check the box next to Enable HighLevel Integration

  5. Click Save

Now you are able to place a HighLevel Form Block on any page of your site.

  1. When adding a block into a Section on a page select +Add block

  2. Click +Add new block

  3. Select Integration - HighLevel Form to configure the block

  4. Give the form a Title

  5. Insert the HighLevel form code into the configuration. There is an example of the code below.

  6. Click Add Block

  7. Click Save Layout

<iframe src="https://msgsndr.com/widget/form/asnRTGyznoGYmQRFQxqw" style="border:none;width:100%;" scrolling="no" id="asnRTGyznoGYmQRFQxqw"></iframe>
<script src="https://msgsndr.com/js/form_embed.js"></script>

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